Campaigners step up fight against trial Edinburgh flight path

Flight path demo
Flight path demo

Campaigners against the trial Edinburgh Airport flight path have taken their fight to the Scottish Parliament.

A debate was raised my MSP Neil Findlay and a group of residents staged a demonstration outside the Holyrood building yesterday (Thursday) in an effort to stop the route being made permanent.

The Facebook group ‘Say No to Edinburgh Trial Flight Path’ has almost 400 members and people from communities across Linlithgow, Blackness, Winchburgh and South Queensferry are up in arms about noise pollution under the flight path, with one person recording 90 decibels from their home.

John Kelly, vice chair of Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council, said: “East of Linlithgow aircraft will be between 3000 and 4000 feet and the noise level is anticipated to be the same as being 15 feet from a busy main road.

“Edinburgh Airport owns only one mobile noise monitor which has moved from Ochiltree and is being set up in Uphall.

“It is important that those in Linlithgow who find the current aircraft noise an unwanted intrusion do 

A petition has been set up and can be viewed at and a public meeting is planned on Wednesday, September 16, at the Strathbrock Centre at 7pm for anyone with issues to attend.

John Kelly encourages anyone with concerns to email