Can you put words to music?

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A musical composer is looking for budding lyricists to put words to a piece of music he has written.

Chris Brown, of Neilston, composed a suite of instrumental pieces for brass bands called “The Queensferry Suite”.

Each of its four movements is based on topics of interest in South Queensferry: the Two Bridges, the Burry Man, Margaret (Queen Margaret) and The Loony Dook.

Chris believes the third movement, based on Queen Margaret, could be made into a song or choral piece.

The only problem is that he does not write lyrics.

He would like to hear from any budding or experienced wordsmiths willing to have a go at writing a lyric based on the existing music.

The piece can be listened to and viewed on his Chris’s website at

Any interested parties will get his contact details there, if they desire more information.