Cash payout for Farepak victims

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SAVERS from the Journal and Gazette area who lost hundreds, and within some families, thousands of pounds in the Farepak Christmas scheme collapse of 2006 will get cheques from the liquidators at the end of August.

On Tuesday it was announced that, following legal action, customers and agents will get payments of approximately 32p in the pound.

This means they will have have received roughly half of their money back, when 2006 payouts made by the Farepak Response Fund charity, set up by the Department of Trade and Industry, are also taken into account.

Wendy Myles (48) of Harbour Road, Bo’ness, lost £800 she had been saving towards her two children’s Christmas presents.

She said: “With the help of family Christmas went on but it was a terrible feeling.

“It was absolute gutting, at the end of the day it was your hard earned money and it just disappeared into thin air.”

Having written off the lost cash, Wendy said of the payment news: “It’s better than nothing,” but added “I would never, ever go into a scheme like that again.”

Falkirk East MSP, Angus MacDonald, said: “After a six year wait it is utterly shameful that customers and agents will only receive half their money back while administrators pocket millions and taxpayers pick up the tab for the company directors’ legal costs.”

*Liquidators will contact creditors directly. If your address has changed since 2006, and you have not already done so, you must send notification by July 23. Visit for details.