CCTV and mast plans for Linlithgow

PLANS have been submitted to put up three Vodafone telephone masts at Linlithgow Rugby Club.

Designs from Vodafone Limited are awaiting approval by West Lothian Council and also include a ground level cabinet on the Mains Road site. The three antennae would be added to a Telefonica monopole already on Mains Road.

Vodafone say the proposals will add to the phone company’s 3G network and improve network coverage for customers, and there will be no increase in the overall height of the pole at 19m.

*LISTED building consent is needed before CCTV is installed at Linlithgow Train Station.

Cameras will be installed on the building wall to the right of the bike rack if the plans for the station are given the go ahead by West Lothian Council.

Linlithgow Train Station was opened in 1842 by the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway.

It is thought to have been designed by John Miller, and the interior was recast in 1986.