Celebrating 60 years together

Diamond Wedding celebration - George and Maureen Ryce
Diamond Wedding celebration - George and Maureen Ryce

A sparkling celebration is planned for a couple to mark them reaching the milestone of 60 years of marriage.

Maureen and George Ryce celebrated their diamond wedding yesterday (Thursday), having married at the Manse in Linlithgow, 60 years ago.

Maureen (78) said: “The wedding didn’t take place in the church because it was going to be communion on the Sunday and all the pews were set up for that.

“The minister, Rev Rutherford, asked if it would be okay for the wedding to take place at the Manse instead.”
The service was followed by a reception at the Chalmers Hall at Linlithgow Bridge.

Maureen said: “It was a great wedding.

“My mum and dad knew a chap who played the accordion and it went like a ceilidh!”

The couple met a few years earlier at the dancing in the Town Hall.

Maureen, then 16, worked at the papermill and George had just returned from doing his national service in the army.

Despite living close by – Maureen in Millerfield and George on the Main Street – their paths had never crossed.

The couple renovated a house in the Main Street and then married in the April, after Maureen turned 18. The couple later moved to Mill Road where they have stayed since 1967.

They have two children – Elaine (58) who is married to Gordon Inglis, and Ian (56) who is married to Isabelle – and three grandchildren, Darren and Laura Inglis and Scott Ryce.

There are also two great-grandchildren – Darren’s daughter with partner Louise, Layla (4), and a new great-grandson courtesy of Laura and partner Graham – Aiden – who was born on April 14.

To celebrate their anniversary, Maureen and George planned to take them out for a meal but instead their family are taking them out to a surprise location.