Cemetery death focuses review on all council lairs

Cemeteries to come under inspection
Cemeteries to come under inspection

West Lothian Council is about to embark on a public consultation over what is allowed in local cemeteries.

The process was made all the more important following the recent tragic death of Ciaran Williamson from Glasgow who died after a headstone toppled on him in a city cemetery.

The council has conducted an audit of all cemeteries under its control which established that around 1250 lairs did not comply with the new proposals.

These conditions state that railings, kerbing, fencing, corner stones and gravel are not permitted. The council will remove these and a note will be placed on the lair informing of the action.

In the case of the existing lairs which are said to fall foul of the proposals a high percentage feature spiked railings which are a potential hazard to the public, visitors and maintenance staff 

West Lothian Council has said it fully appreciates that this is a sensitive area for people and that is why it is having the four-month consultation starting in August.

Furthermore, if work to remove railings or other elements of existing lairs deemed as not meeting the proposed rules is required, this will be carried out in a sensitive manner, to a high standard, and at no cost to the lair owner.

For more information see www.westlothian.gov.uk/funerals-and-cremations