Cemetery surprise for Nicola

Linlithgow cemetery baby seat and garden.
Linlithgow cemetery baby seat and garden.

Nicola Welsh got the shock of her life this week when she paid a visit to a recently installed bench in Linlithgow cemetery.

Nicola and Gary Welsh lost their little boy Theo, who only lived for three weeks, on January 30, 2009 .

The bench, was part of a project organised by Nicola who wanted a special spot where babies could be buried rather than in an adult section. West Lothian Council agreed and the new lairs were created at the Old Linlithgow cemetery. So far there has only been one interment.

This week Nicola visited to give the seat a clean and to reflect for a moment in the peace and solitude and was met with a kaleidoscope of colour.

Nicola said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes. As I turned the corner I saw the most beautiful sight – the family have planted a little garden and have obviously embraced the bench and what it means to them.

“There is still only a single little one here, that’s a good thing really, but the place looks so different. In January it looked sad, unkempt and I felt sorry for the baby on his own.

Today I cried because it looked so beautiful and is a very peaceful resting place.”