Changes penalise disabled drivers

Vennel car park changes are incorrect say council
Vennel car park changes are incorrect say council

Anger and surprise was evident this week as social media was rife with news that car parking facilities at the Vennel were changing.

On Tuesday contractors were seen removing old signage and installing new ones.

These show that Sunday parking is no longer free, and that disabled visitors will now be forced to pay.

And, according to one local source, the addition of an ANPR camera system controlling the car park, is only rubbing salt in an already open wound.

West Lothian Council who own the land, lease it to a private contractor who then sets the conditions under which it operates as a car park.

A spokesman said: “The car park is leased to and operated by a private contractor. Under the terms of the lease agreement, the contractor is not allowed to alter parking charges at The Vennel car park without receiving approval from the council.

“The contractor has not given us any prior notice of their proposed increase in charges or other changes. We will not approve any changes to the current arrangements. We have contacted the company and advised them of their contractual obligations.”

Smart Parking Ltd, the contractor who operates the car park were unavailable for comment.

Both councillors Conn and Kerr confirmed that they would not support any changes to present arrangements.