Chapter closes on mobile libraries

The mobile library van service is set to be cut by council
The mobile library van service is set to be cut by council

The council’s budget cuts are starting to bite with news this week that West Lothian is set to axe its mobile library service.

Customer demand for the mobile library van service is low which makes the cost of delivering the existing service unsustainable in the current financial climate.

As part of the planned changes, the council’s mobile van service will stop later this year.

Libraries staff will instead look to continue to deliver books and other items to customers in different ways.

Staff will continue to deliver a library service to schools in outlying areas of West Lothian.

The council is looking at options to ensure that customers that have problems with mobility will still have books and other items delivered directly to their homes, free of charge.

A council spokesman said: “West Lothian has 14 community libraries located throughout the area, each providing a variety of services.

“The cost of delivering a mobile van service is not sustainable given the relatively small number of people that use the service.

“We currently spend £1.37 million on library services each year.

“We aim to deliver the service more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that resources are spent where demand is highest.”