Charity tries new tactic

SANDS poster for fundraiser
SANDS poster for fundraiser

With 17 children a day dying in the UK talking about baby and child loss is still a taboo subject for many who have suffered from such a tragedy.

This is where Nicola Welsh and SANDS West Lothian steps in with the professional assistance families may need at what can be the most difficult time of their lives.

To help the charity provide this essential service they are running a fundraiser during the month of September.

Rather than ask people to run marathons, abseil down buildings or climb mountains, they have developed a novel new way to not only raise the much needed funds, but to emphasise the importance of talking properly.

In this day of digital and social media, SANDS say that people have forgotten the art of engaging and conversing together seemingly preferring to text, message and snapchat instead.

Nicola, the local West lothian coordinator, said: “It’s an easy way for people to raise money and support a charity without running a marathon!

“All they need to do is get together with friends, family or a club and arrange to meet up one evening in September.

“All participants pay £10, which is placed into a jar on arrival, and forfeits have to be paid by anyone using a mobile telephone during the night.”

In order to break the ice and get the party going, SANDS will provide the group with a set of cards to help the fundraisers play ‘talk a good game’.

The cards are designed with a number of questions which have a variety of topics to help you find out everything you wanted to know about your friends, including the juicy stuff!

SANDS say it’s a great way to meet new friends and raise cash for a good cause.

The charity can be contacted on their website at: or via their facebook page at and they will ensure a set of cards is sent out before your fundraiser takes place.