Childrens Theatre cast let their hair down

The talented Childrens Theatre Bo'ness cast of Rapunzel''Picture: Alan Murray
The talented Childrens Theatre Bo'ness cast of Rapunzel''Picture: Alan Murray

It was certainly a case of letting your hair down and having lots of fun when the talented cast of Rapunzel took to the stage.

Children’s Theatre Bo’ness presented its 16th annual pantomime and what a great show it is ... oh yes it is!

From the arrival on stage of Fairly L’Oreal, the delightful storyteller played by Erin Broadley, you just knew this was going to be an entertaining evening.

As with all the young performers, some aged only nine and the oldest just 17, her lines were delivered clearly and confidently.

This had all the necessary ingredients for a great pantomime – music and songs the audience knew, lots of laughter, fabulous dancers and a chorus where every last member looked like they were enjoying themselves as much of those in the hall.

There was some added extras which made this as slick a production as you would see on the professional stage: slapstick, great costumes, a sing-a-long and great interaction with the audience – particularly the person singled out to almost be an honorary member of the cast.

Rapunzel, played by 14-year-old Ellie Marshall, had a sweet but strong singing voice, while Caitlin Whyte as Prince Flynn was the perfect hero for this show.

The baddies in the shape of Mother Gothel (Emma Bryne) and Jasper (Ben Whigham) were very convincing with just the right amount of menace for an audience which ranged from tots to grannies. Emma in particular showed a command of the stage which belied her years.

Young Cameron Robertson as King Jack must have trouble knowing who he is at the end of every performance – he plays so many parts! But well done to him, particularly for the tricky costume change routine near the end which was handled like a real trooper.

Little Cayla Rushford was far too cute to be scary as the Troll but she took part in the hilarious “they’re behind you” section of the show.

It was hard to believe that this panto’s dame, Queen Rozita, was in fact Kieran West (13). He played his role perfectly with a performance that found just the right level of over the top!

But my particular favourite was jester Jenny Jangles (Hannah Kritzinger). Who couldn’t fail to be moved by the love-sick fool who had to make people laugh?

The great show, directed by Nan McDonald, is on at Bo’ness Town Hall until tomorrow with performances at 7.15pm and a Saturday matinee at 2pm.

Cast: Rapunzel, Ellie Marshall; Mother Gothell, Emma Bryne; Prince Flynn, Caitlin Whyte; Queen Rozita, Kieran West; Jenny Jangles, Hannah Kritzinger; Jasper, Ben Whigham; Fairy L’Oreal, Erin Broadley; King Jack, Cameron Robertson; and Troll, Kayla Rushford.

Chorus: Lisa

Armit, Lola Black, Lauren Blaney, Abbie Bonnyman, Hollie Brown, Aleesha Cochrane, Lucy Crawford-Wilkinson, Lauren Edge, Erin Faulds, Elise Johnstone, David Lang, Jamie Lang, Zoe Lilley, Charley Manger, Lucas McCrimmond, Anna McGillivray, Jemma McGillivray, Jessie McLeod, Eva Miller-Watt, Raven Murray, Morven Nash, Andrea Robertson, Cayla Rushford, Daniele Shanks, Isla Sinclair, Kiana Sneddon, Ross Walker, Millie Wilson.