Church appeal for divine help after theft

Lead roofing theft.  Picture posed by model
Lead roofing theft. Picture posed by model
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Queensferry’s Priory Church are appealing for urgent assistance after the recent theft of lead flashing from the roof of the 600-year-old building.

The congregation are concerned that if repair works are not carried out immediately, the future of the church could be put at risk.

The church is a small community church with limited resources and desperately need to raise £3000 to carry out temporary repairs.

If they can raise this amount reasonably quickly they hope there might be a chance that the church could be made safe by Christmas.

With the winter weather having arrived, rainwater is now seeping into the ancient building, and the concern is, that with constant freezing and thawing, major damage will result to the stonework and mortar joints, threatening the future of the Priory.

The congregation are appealing to the wider community for help. Any donations, however small, will be gratefully received, and can be sent to the treasurer, Tony Pilcher, by contacting him on 0131 319 1866.