Cleaning up South Queensferry

David and his team have worked hard to clean up the town
David and his team have worked hard to clean up the town

Residents plan to clean up their district with a blitz on litter lying in the outskirts of South Queensferry.

David Hutcheson was disgusted at the amount of litter left lying near Ferry Muir Road and decided it was time to act.

He said: “The litter was a culmination of people shopping at Burger King, Tesco, Scotmid and anywhere else in that area. Clearly people have been dropping their rubbish and it has all gathered against the fences and near the roads.

“There is a litter epidemic in the town.”

David is a member of the Greenferry Trust and at first it was a solo effort tidying the area. He said: “At the beginning it was just myself, however, we now have a small team of six volunteers with some being members of the trust.”

David spoke to the businesses in the area and most have agreed to help by dealing with litter in their areas.

The team has spent the past six weeks lifting all the litter from the area and David has hopes to revive the CleanFerry group.

He said: “If we can double our numbers we can get the group up and running. We will focus on an area in South Queensferry for six weeks before moving on to the next.

“This has not been possible without the fantastic support of the Friends of Ferry Glen and of course the hard work of the team.”

Anyone interested in joining the clean up crew can email