Closing attainment gap in deprived areas

Bridgend Primary School in West Lothian
Bridgend Primary School in West Lothian

Measures to tackle education inequality are to be put in place at a school after it was identified most of the pupils live in a deprived area.

Bridgend Primary School will be part of the Attainment Scotland Fun Schools Programme which aims to close the gap by focusing on literacy and numeracy as well as health and wellbeing.

Funding will be in place for the next four years and a specialist attainment advisor will be allocated for the next 75 days to assist teachers and staff with carrying out the plan to raise attainment.

A West Lothian Council spokesperson said: “We look forward to working with Education Scotland to scale up the successful activity already taking place at Bridgend Primary, and spread our experience of what works locally at a national level.”

Bridgend Primary School was identified by the Scottish Government as a recipient school based on the fact that 70 per cent of children on the school roll live in areas of multiple deprivation.

A total of £100 million is earmarked for the project across Scotland, taking place over the next four years.

The project is targeted at primary schools in order to achieve early intervention so that children going on to secondary education have the necessary skills to do well.

Data will be gathered to better understand pupils’ progress by assessing curriculum for excellence levels at primary one, four and seven.

The challenge will also encourage parents and carers to become more engaged with their child’s learning.