Closure of loos will deter tourists

Public toilets at Hawes Pier
Public toilets at Hawes Pier

Queensferry residents have been called upon to complete an online survey calling for a public toilet to remain open in the town.

The conveniences, based at the Hawes Pier, are one of 12 citywide which are under threat due to cost-cutting measures.

Their possible closure will be based on usage, accessibility and condition.

But the toilets in question prove popular with the huge number of visitors to Queensferry both by car and on cruise liner visits.

The online survey is calling on people for feedback as to how these potential toilet closures would impact on them individually and their communities and will help the council to make its final 
decision on which public 
conveniences should close.

Residents have until 
Monday, May 25, to complete the online survey at https://

Councillor Norman Work said: ‘‘I have raised this issue at various levels within the council. I am calling for a 
delay so that funding or alternative funding can be found to provide toilet facilities at the Hawes. I have even suggested looking at providing paid

‘‘The facilities at the Hawes are important due to the amount of visitors who come to Queensferry on a daily basis let alone cruise liner visits.’’