Closure of the Forth Road Bridge was correct according to Transport Minister

Transport minister Derek Mackay agrees with an ICI Committee report that described the closure of the Forth Road Bridge as the right thing to do.

Mr Mackay has welcomed the report and said the conclusions will be carefully considered before reporting back to Parliament later this year.

He said: “We particularly agree with the finding that the defect has been recognised as “unforeseen”.

“The majority of the committee considered that the decision by FETA to defer work on the Truss End Links and to develop an alternative approach was an appropriate course of action.

“FETA’s key priority works were always fully funded within the ‎available budget.

“It is clear the decision to close the Bridge was the right thing to do and the efforts in getting the bridge fully quickly reopened were a “remarkable engineering achievement” given the challenging conditions.

“The closure was an incident of national significance and we remain grateful for the support of the business sector and those affected.