Club will be a rock for those at bottom

sharing and caring
sharing and caring

A new project is aiming to offer a helping hand to people who feel they have nowhere else to turn.

Bo’ness Share and Care will offer advice and help –and a cup of tea – in a non-judgemental environment.

The project is being run jointly between the churches in the town and follows surveys carried out by both the Bonet group and St Andrew’s Church into what people felt about living in the town.

One of the group’s organisers, Mary McElligott, said: “One of the messages that came out of the survey was that a lot of people in the town are disadvantaged by poverty, addiction and health issues.

“There are some people who couldn’t even afford to buy a cup of coffee in some of the existing cafes we have in town or couldn’t afford to shop in the charity shops.

“There are also people who are made to feel unwelcome in the cafes.

“It must be terrible living like that day after day.

“It seemed very, very sad that there was no place for these people to go.”

It was this which led to the group forming to look into what could be done to help people who felt marginalised.

Mary added: “We needed some place where these people felt welcome; somewhere non-judgemental.

“My sister is a social worker in Ayrshire and they had a ‘Care and Share’ service, providing an informal place where people could get information on health care, form filling and access to different groups.

“It is really successful so we are hoping to do similar.”