Community group voice concerns over Edinburgh Airport consultation

EAW are worried by recent consultation announced by Edinburgh Airport
EAW are worried by recent consultation announced by Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport recently announced a consultation period over changes to flight paths promising to go further, however one community group believes the airport has gone far enough.

Edinburgh Airport Watch has raised concerns over the proposed consultation following the troubles some locals faced during the TUTUR flight path trial.

Helena Paul, a Blackness resident who has been badly impacted by air traffic noise and a core member of the EAW, said: “Last year, thousands of people woke up to suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves living under a busy flight path.

“The intrusive and unwanted noise from aircrafts passing over people’s homes was horrendous.

“Noise complaints to Edinburgh Airport during the trial TUTUR route in 2015 peaked at nearly 8000, while other changes made concurrently to other routes have led to a 27 fold increase in noise complaints year on year.”

During the TUTUR flight path trial, aeroplanes were taking off from Edinburgh Airport in a south westerly direction before turning right towards the River Forth, passing over West Lothian and to the east of Linlithgow.

Helena said: “Some of the planes could not make the turn and meant they were flying straight over the top of Blackness.

“The other changes the airport made meant up to 75 planes flying over our head a day from morning to night, the noise was impossible to live with.”

The TUTUR flight path trial was cancelled prematurely. Despite this, Helena and many members across the district are still being troubled by aeroplanes flying over head.

Helena said: “People would have bought their homes believing their skies were peaceful to an extent. For countless loud planes to suddenly begin flying over your head, disturbing your peace is grossly unfair.”

Edinburgh Airport has now announced a new consultation over further changes to flight paths, however the EAW are not impressed with the information available.

Helena said: “No amount of PR gloss can disguise the enormous threat that is being posed to hundreds of communities. The consultation documents show a distinct lack of detail - the swathes of noise proposed by the airport do not include actual routes, or say how many planes there might be, how frequently they might fly, and at what time of day.”

Helena has spent hours going through all the information available and does not believe it creates a clear picture for the public to understand what is really going on.

She said: “What is provided does not give the public enough information to make an informed decision.”

The consultation asks residents a single question: What local factors should be taken into account when determining the position of the route within the design envelope given the potential impacts, and why?

Helena said: “In asking a single question, and also saying that they may choose to “discount some responses from the analysis”, one has to ask if this a serious and genuine consultation, or simply a box ticking exercise designed to achieve the answer they want, while pitching one community against another.”

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