Concerns over housing plan for Ferry

Proposed housing site at Ferrymuir in Queensferry
Proposed housing site at Ferrymuir in Queensferry
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The quality of life for people living in Queensferry WILL be eroded if and when Edinburgh City Council gives the go ahead for a further 1500 homes to built in the area.

That is the opinion of community leaders who are concerned over city council proposals for additional housing to be created in Queensferry to meet the capital’s housing shortage.

City councillors on Thursday, June 19, gave the green light for 30,000 new homes to be built citywide over the next 10 years. This is despite oseveral objections from community groups in the western side of the city.

South Queensferry and District Community Council (SQCC) believes the town is already nearing saturation point without any additional housing.

SQCC chairman Keith Giblett said: ‘‘The town is already in line for around 1000 extra homes at four sites. There is no way the town’s infrastructure can accommodate a further 1500 properties on top.’’

The four existing sites include the former Agilent site (450 homes), the Corus hotel site (105), Springfield (150) and Ferrymuir (250).

On top of that, there is potential for housing at Port Edgar too.

Mr Giblett added: ‘‘What Queensferry needs is a strategic economic development plan for measured development which considers the needs for an urban town.’’

Wil Tunnell, a director of Queensferry Ambition, which staged a series of public workshops in Queensferry inviting recommendations for the town, said: ‘‘We have a town centre and infrastructure fit for a population of 3000 people which is trying to cater for a population of 9000.

‘‘The current proposals for an additional 1500 homes around (not in) the town, could add between 5000 and 7000 people to the town. This can on no account be seen as controlled and considered development.’’