Concerns over plans for the future in Linlithgow

Preston Field in Linlithgow could see a development of up to 60 houses
Preston Field in Linlithgow could see a development of up to 60 houses

Residents are up in arms about the prospect of a historical site being used for a development of up to 60 homes.

Preston Farm in Linlithgow has been earmarked as part of the Proposed Local Development Plan, which is currently out for public consultation.

Emma Gordon, who is involved in the campaign to preserve the land, said: “Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Buried under tonnes of concrete and pebble dash and cars and lawn.

“It seems the town must develop, but its character must also be protected. Areas of great landscape value must not be lost to urban creep. Its stately views must not be obscured and protected wildlife must not be driven away.”

The field nestles before Preston House, a grade A listed building and the area is known as a habitat for bats and badgers.

A spokesperson for West Lothian Council said: “The council has decided that a previous policy in the West Lothian Local Plan which had the effect of restraining development in Linlithgow should not be carried over to the new Local Development Plan and the Preston Farm site has been allocated with regard to that decision for a residential development with a notional capacity of 60 units.

“As with all proposed sites, the likely impact of development on the natural and physical environment and on local infrastructure has informed the site selection process.”

A consultation event was held at Linlithgow Burgh Halls by the council earlier this week and John Kelly, vice chairman of Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council, said there were a number of issues raised, mainly about lack of infrastructure planning.

Linlithgow Planning Forum is hosting an exhibition in the Low Port Centre on Tuesday, November 17 between 10am and 8pm and all comments received at the event will be sent to the council before the deadline on Sunday, November 22.

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