Consultation takes place over Kettilstoun Community Hub in Linlithgow

The plan for Kettilstoun Mains community hub
The plan for Kettilstoun Mains community hub

Residents in Linlithgow were able to voice there opinions over what should be included in the plan for a new community hub.

Yesterday (Thursday) consultants, undertaking the project on behalf of Linlithgow Community Development Trust, PMR Leisure, invited the public to the West Port Hotel so they could better understand the needs and wants of the community.

LCDT Chairwoman, Gillian Fawcitt said: “We have passed through stage one however we now have to develop a business plan for the site.”

The plan for Kettilstoun Park is to build a community hub that will provide a home for local sports clubs that do not currently have training facilities. It is also hoped the complex will help boost health and fitness in Linlithgow.

The key features include, a 1600 metre long multi loop running track, sprint lanes and long Jump area, a field athletics area and a BMX track and skate board park

The hub will not all be about sports, it is hoped the building will also include a cafe, office space and meeting room so that all the community can enjoy the building.

A PMR Leisure spokesperson said: “Linlithgow has a very exciting opportunity to create a multi-use community hub at Kettilstoun Mains for the whole town to embrace.”

The project is on stage two, and will focus on drawing up plans and listening to the public before moving on to stage three, applying for funding.