Could you be a foster parent?

Could you become a foster parent or consider adopting a child?
Could you become a foster parent or consider adopting a child?

The number of children awaiting adoption in the Falkirk Council area increased by a whopping 25 per cent last year.

And these figures are expected to increase, with many more children needing a family.

As a result Falkirk Council’s annual information event will be held in the Park Hotel on Thursday, February 26, from 7-9pm.

Staff from Falkirk Council’s fostering and adoption team will be on hand to answer any questions on adoption and talk people through the process.

Applications to adopt are welcome from anyone aged over 21 – regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, marital or employment status.

The council has also produced a new adoption booklet, A Guide for Grown Ups, which contains plenty of information for people looking to adopt.

This includes the criteria for adoption, the process, why children may need adoption and the support available to children and adopters afterwards.

Councillor Linda Gow, spokesperson for health and social care, said: “If someone is able to provide a stable, caring home and family for a child, chances are they will be able to adopt.

“Adoptive parents are needed in particular for children aged four years and older and sibling groups.

“These children need to be well looked after, supported and encouraged to fulfil their potential and make up for difficult experiences in their early years.

“In recent years our adoption service has approved a range of local people from a variety of backgrounds, who have gone on to successfully adopt a child.

“This gives us confidence that there will be many more people in our communities who could provide a loving home to children who need permanent care.”

So, what’s the difference between fostering and adoption? Unlike adoption, a fostered child remains the legal responsibility of the local authority and/or their birth parents. Fostering ensures that children who cannot live with their parents or relatives are placed in a family, while plans are made for them.

Adoption is a legal process with a court permanently transferring all parental rights and responsibilities.

For more information call 01324 508656 or email