Council cash to kick-start BID projects

280812 New queensferry business committee formed.
280812 New queensferry business committee formed.

A BID to boost footfall and increase business opportunities in Queensferry has led to the town being given a £20,000 cash injection.

Funding from the city council’s economic development department was presented to Queensferry Ambition this week to help kickstart a range of projects it has planned for the area over the next five years.

The grant is in recognition of the council’s continued support for Queensferry 
becoming a Business Improvement District (BID).

The cash will be used fund a “Mi Queensferry” website and a Smartphone app which will list all local businesses, highlight up and coming events and give details of business promotions and special offers.

As previously reported in the Queensferry Gazette, work has already begun to engage with visiting cruise liners to ensure passengers know they have arrived in Queensferry and that they recognise all that the town has to offer.

Another project will include working on welcome banners and information signs, which are currently lacking in the area, while a business grant support system is well underway.

While Queensferry Ambition is business focused, it also recognises the importance of the local community and its involvement in Queensferry.

To this end, it is launching a “What needs to be improved in Queensferry?” survey in which local business owners, workers and residents are being encouraged to share their thoughts on improvements they think the town needs.

Malcolm Brown, chairman of Queensferry Ambition said: “I am delighted to say that our successful BID is already paying dividends as we received a cheque for £20,000 from the City of Edinburgh Council.

‘‘This is money Queens-ferry would not have received if the BID had been unsuccessful.

“On behalf of Queensferry Ambition I would like to thank the council for this excellent level of support.

‘‘The money will be used to fund projects which will have a positive economic impact on Queensferry businesses and the local community.

“In many respects this is our starter for ten and we are looking forward to announcing other positive initiatives in the weeks and months ahead.”

Councillor Gordon Munro, vice-convener of the council’s economic development committee, said: “We are delighted to be able to give Queensferry Ambition this financial support.

‘‘We see BIDs as a sustainable way to developing businesses in local communities in the future.

‘‘This is a great example of the council working well with local businesses.”

Ian Davison Porter of BIDs Scotland said: “The Queensferry businesses approved an ambitious business plan 
developed locally by local businesses, which will be delivered by working collectively with other local bodies and the City of Edinburgh Council.

‘‘I know that the new board has a determination to improve Queensferry. I wish them every 

lIf you would like to have a say on improvements you’d like to see take place in Queensferry fill out the survey at