Council warn of dangers associated with second hand toys.

Trading standards issue warning over second hand toys.
Trading standards issue warning over second hand toys.

To raise awareness of Child Safety Week, West Lothian Council’s Trading Standards Officers have issued advice on buying second-hand toys.

The aim of the annual Child Accident Prevention Trust campaign, which takes place from Monday 23 June to Sunday 29 June, is to raise awareness of the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented.

A spokesman for Trading Standards commented: “From car boot sales to attic relics and environmentally conscious recycling, second-hand toys are a practical and economic way of providing fun and learning for children. With the application of some common sense and safety tips, the enjoyment of previous loved toys can continue safely.

”The labelling requirements for new toys does not apply to second-hand toys and as such the buyer should give a little bit more thought to the choice of toy for the child and Trading Standards would urge anyone looking to re-gift or use a second-hand toy to consider a few things:

“How old is the toy and are all of its parts intact? Look out for worn down edges.

“What is it made of, have the materials been identified as dangerous since the toy was first made such as phthalates or lead paint. Does it have small parts? Will any of the parts of the toy pose a choking hazard should they become detached?

“Check to see if the batteries have leaked. Can the child access the batteries or is the panel screwed down.

“What is the general condition of the item? Is it clean, look out for paint flaking or stitching coming away.

“Are there hidden dangers where little fingers or toes can become trapped.

“If the toy has brakes check that they work properly.”

Trading Standards would urge anyone with concerns regarding the safety of new or second-hand toys being sold by a retailer to get in touch.

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