Councillor’s appeal for cemetery cash

General view landscape and upright of Carriden Cemetery Bo'ness.
General view landscape and upright of Carriden Cemetery Bo'ness.

A programme of improvements for a Bo’ness cemetery have been agreed between a local councillor and Falkirk Council.

But Councillor Ann Ritchie (SNP) has insisted that a firm timetable is drawn up for the works in a bid to ease problems experienced by mourners visiting the graves of loved ones or attending a funeral.

However, following a site visit at which the perceived problems were highlighted, Falkirk Council has warned that it may not be possible to attend to all the concerns at this time because of funding issues.

Seven key issues were flagged up. These are:

1. Lack of a boundary wall and resultant traffic noise disrupting funeral services;

2. Unsightly storage unit for cemetery employees’ tools;

3. Grass cuttings not collected, leaving lairs in an untidy fashion;

4. A faulty water tap;

5. Surface water penetrating the cemetery through lack of road kerbing;

6. Soil spoil heaps which 
require attention to improve the appearance of the area;

7. Fly-tipping in the vicinity of Carriden Parish Church.

Councillor Ritchie told the Journal and Gazette: ‘‘I am delighted with the progress made in what was a very productive meeting.

‘‘I am grateful to the officers for taking seriously the issues I brought to the table regarding the condition of the Carriden Cemetery, a facility that is so important to the 
people of Bo’ness.

‘‘What we need now is a timetable for these works that is as tight as possible as a protracted period of inactivity would result in a loss of confidence that needs to be avoided and I will be doing everything possible to ensure this happens.’’

Falkirk Council has indicated some £15-20k will be required for the boundary fencing and this will have to be subject to a bid for capital funding next year.

The estates department will investigate the cost of 
providing road kerbing and costs will be obtained for fencing to screen the storage facility.

The fly-tipping issue is being monitored and the grass cutting team will be advised as to how to direct cuttings away from headstones.