Court case gives food for thought

Falkirk Sheriff Court
Falkirk Sheriff Court

A drunken argument about food sparked a row and a violent encounter that left a woman bloodied and bruised.

Colin Dawson (32) had gone to his partner’s house with some wine to help her with a spot of decorating.

Things turned ugly after he decided to leave food cooking in an oven and head off to bed.

The disagreement ended with Dawson slapping the woman on the face and the police being called.

Appearing from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court, Dawson admitted committing the assault on March 31 at 62 Liddle Drive, Bo’ness.

Procurator fiscal depute Ann Orr said: “The accused had been in a relationship with the woman for two-and-a-half years.

‘‘He has had a problem with his alcohol consumption that has caused difficulties in the past.

“On the day in question he arrived with some wine and lager with him and they were working on some home decorating while having a drink.

‘‘Things were progressing well but sometime later food had been put in the oven and left there and this led to something of an argument.

“She told him he couldn’t just put food in the oven then go off to bed.

‘‘She left the room and he followed her out and pushed her to the ground. She got up and he slapped her full force with his open hand.

“He then slapped her again, catching her eye and causing her nose to bleed.”

The woman managed to call someone to help her and police were called.

When she told Dawson the police were on the way he left the house. He was later traced and detained.He told officers he could not remember any of the attack but did admit there had been a short argument.

Dawson’s victim received treatment in hospital for the bruising .

Andy Bryson, defence solicitor, said: “He doesn’t recall this event and has been suffering from depression, drinking alcohol on top of his medication. It’s something the couple have been trying to work through together. Until now it had been a good relationship.”

Sheriff Craig Caldwell deferred sentence on Dawson, 27 Blair Avenue, for four months to see if he could be of good behaviour in that time. You must control your drinking and make sure you don’t engage in any violence,” he said.