Crank calls are far from funny

Ambulance heading to an emergency call
Ambulance heading to an emergency call

The Scottish Ambulance Service receives six malicious calls every day, latest figures have revealed.

In the past three years, there have been 6102 malicious calls to the 999 service.

And of those, 2294 were only discovered as hoaxes when the ambulance turned up on the scene.

That means ambulances have to actually attend prank calls twice a day across the country.

NHS Forth Valley reported 79 incidents over the last three years that weren’t discovered to be hoax calls until the ambulance arrived.

Central Scotland MSP Margaret Mitchell said:“These figures are absolutely despicable.

“The fact that last year alone, 1732 malicious calls were received, resulting in 793 ambulances embarking on fruitless journeys, is to be deplored.

“No-one would be surprised if there were a handful of hoax calls from bored teenagers but the sheer scale of this suggests a problem far more deep-rooted.

“This in turn presents a huge headache for call-handlers and managers.

“Worst still, twice a day ambulance vehicles are actually sent out on these jobs under blue lights, only to find upon arrival it was all a prank.

“That’s not only a colossal waste of resources but, more worryingly still, it also puts at risk those who genuinely need the urgent attention of an ambulance.”