Banned driver threatened to ‘burst’ police officers

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A banned driver turned nasty while police officers were interviewing him and in a rage he trapped one in a headlock.

It took 15 minutes of struggling to get the handcuffs on Sam Pate (23) and officers had to call in assistance.

Appearing from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Pate previously admitted assault, behaving in a threatening manner and driving while disqualified in Redbrae Avenue, Bo’ness on June 28.

Procurator fiscal depute Michael Maguire said: “It was 6.55pm and the vehicle the accused was driving was travelling north on Maddiston Road. Checks revealed the accused was the registered keeper of the vehicle and showed it to have no insurance.

“The vehicle was parked at the accused’s house and police spoke to him and asked him to take a seat in the rear of their vehicle. He was answering their questions and began to become aggressive, getting got out of the vehicle, saying he was going to “burst” police officers and ‘I’m going to f***ing have the two of you’.

“He was warned about his conduct and police asked for assistance on their radios. They attempted to put handcuffs on him and he resisted, lifting a police officer off the ground and then placing him in a headlock.

“The struggle lasted 15 minutes and he was handcuffed. When interviewed at the police station he told officers ‘you can shove it up your a***’.

Gordon Addison, defence solicitor, said: “When he goes off the rails he really does go off the rails and he is a bit of handful. Although he is 23 he is highly immature and reacts to things in an impulsive manner.

“His partner is due to have a child in December and he hopes to be present at the birth.”

Sheriff Derek Livingston said Pate’s behaviour towards police officers was “absolutely appalling” and highlighted the fact it was also his third driving while disqualified offence.

He sentenced Pate, 20 Redbrae Avenue, Bo’ness, to 286 days in prison and banned him from driving for nine years.