Blaze at health centre car park worries staff

South Queensferry Medical Centre
South Queensferry Medical Centre

A fire in an underground car park left Queensferry Medical Centre staff worried about what the consequences could have been if the blaze had spread.

In recent weeks, the centre’s covered car parking area has been targeted as a night time meeting place for ‘boy racers’ and has been strewn with drink cans, cigarettes and litter, but last weekend staff arrived to find a fire had been lit.

Medical staff have been forced to clean up the area on arrival at the car park, which is situated below the medical centre’s office block off The Loan.

Christine Stebbings, practice manager, said: “When something as dangerous as a fire is started it is completely unacceptable.

“Not only was the medical centre building put at risk, their own lives were at risk.”

She said the area has been used on occasions for recreational activities but they’ve never seen anything as dangerous as a fire before.

“We do not mind people using the area for skateboarding, like they have done in the past,” she added.

While there was no external damage to the building, there are now concerns that the trouble could escalate and put the building in danger.

Local police are aware of the night time goings-on and are said to be carrying out routine checks, but they have not caught anyone as yet.

Officers have viewed the CCTV and are hoping to find out who is responsible.

Christine said: “This shows we do not take this type of behaviour lightly and will help the police in any way we can.”

Tyres have also been let down in the car park, but staff are not sure who is culpable.

Any suspicious behaviour should be reported to police immediately.