Bo’ness car stolen by thieves

Police are warning car-owners to be on guard
Police are warning car-owners to be on guard
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Police are hunting sneak thieves who swiped a set of car keys from a house in Bo’ness while the owners slept and made off with their turbo-charged sports car.

Officers believe the thieves may have been part of a gang who steal high-performance vehicles to order.

The white Volkswagen Golf 2.0-litre special edition worth around £12,000 was stolen from the owner’s driveway in 
Foredale Terrace overnight last Tuesday.

A police spokesman said: “Somehow, the thieves overcame the house security and managed to get the car keys.

“They then made off with the high-performance car and the owner reported it stolen at around 5am.”

He added: “There may be a link to two other cars put up for sale by their owners on the website We believe the thieves were looking for these cars, spotted the Golf and decided to target it.”

The officer warned local people to be extra careful when putting their vehicles up for sale. He said: “There are gangs who steal cars to order.

“Fortunately, it doesn’t happen a lot and this is the first one I have come across.

“We would advise people to check identities of any potential buyers coming to see their cars, especially if they are high-performance or expensive vehicles.

“Make sure you have the proper phone numbers and addresses.”

He also warned people to be vigilant with security at their home, especially at nigh