Dog mess in Queensferry

THe police and the city council are set to target irresponsible dog owners over the summer period in Queensferry.

The problem of dog fouling in Queensferrry was one of the priorities raised at a recent meeting of local agencies and community councils comprising the Almond Neighbourhood Partnership.

Despite numerous initiatives in recent years aimed at targeting dog owners who do not pick up their dog’s mess, the problem still arises.

The city council’s environmental wardens frequently patrol the local area on foot and have the authority to hand out £40 fines if anyone is seen not picking up their dog’s mess.

They now have a state-of-the-art van with CCTV which has the facility to home in on and target dog walkers from a distance.

In discussion with local agencies, it was found that there are two particular problem areas with Lovers’ Lane and communal land at Walker Drive proving messier than most.

PC Aiden Douds, of Queensferry’s safer neighbourhood team, said: “Dog fouling is an issue that never seems to go away. Over the summer period the police and the environmantal wardens will be on the look-out for inconsiderate dog owners.

‘’If we see someone not picking up, we will ask them to do so and if they decline we can report them to the Procurator Fiscal.”

Councillor Norman Work added: “It does not matter what meetings I attend in Queensferry, the one subject that always crops up is irresponsible dog owners.

‘‘Despite the campaigns to encourage dog owners to clean up after their dogs and working with local groups to make this issue a priority there are still a large minority of dog owners who couldn’t care less and local residents are fed up with those owners.

‘‘I would encourage residents to inform the council when they see owners who don’t pick up so that fines can be issued in an attempt to clean up our footways.”

Euan Calder, an environmental warden for the Queensferry area added: “Anyone who does not immediately clean-up fouling by their dog is committing an offence under the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003 with a fixed penalty fine of £40.

‘‘The law covers all public open spaces such as pavements, roads, footpaths, parks, football pitches and communal areas.”

Euan said: “We rely onneighbours and the public to give us information on inconsiderate dog owners, but we need times and routes of when the acts occur so that we can apprehend them.”

You can call Euan on 0131 469 5353.

The majority of dog owners do act responsibly and clean-up after their dogs - don’t be in the minority.