Don’t fall for ‘petrol money’ scam

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Motorists are being warned to beware of fraudsters offering jewellery for “petrol money” after a driver was targeted in Bo’ness Road.

The un-named driver was asked for cash in one of seven known incidents to happen over the past week in areas around South Queensferry, including Cramond and Corstorphine, as well as in central Edinburgh.

The con artists’ jewellery is fake, and the money probably isn’t used for petrol, but some drivers have fallen for their hard luck story and parted with cash.

The group of people involved are said to be of “Asian” appearance, and apart from occasional reports of a woman being involved are mainly men in their 30’s and 40’s.

They claim to have just arrived in Scotland, and that they need money for fuel, before offering fake gold jewellery or future payment in return.

The suspects were driving a white or silver car at the time of the offences.

Inspector David Robertson said: “We have had seven incidents of a similar nature. In all cases the suspects have approached people from a car and have offered jewellery as a collateral.

“We would advise anyone approached by this group not give them any money and report any incidents immediately to Police Scotland.”

The group typically operate between late afternoon till around 8pm, and the most recent known incident was on Thursday.