Father stabbed son in frenzied attack

Mathew Wright found guilty of attacking son with knife
Mathew Wright found guilty of attacking son with knife

A father who attacked his son with a 14-inch knife in an argument over an untidy allotment has been sentenced to 180 hours community service and a two-year supervision order.

Livingston Sheriff Court heard last week, that Mathew Wright (43), of Auldhill Crescent, Bridgend, got into an argument with his teenage apprentice electrician son, also Mathew, over an allotment party.

Wright claimed that the plot hadn’t been properly cleaned causing an argument between son and father.

Unemployed divorcee Wright, originally appeared on indictment.

It read: On August 2, 2013, at 27 Auldhill Crescent, Bridgend, West Lothian, you Mathew Wright Snr did assault Mathew Wright Junior, your son, and did challenge him to fight, threaten to kill him, present a knife at him, struggle with him and strike him on the arm with a knife or similar instrument to his severe injury and permanent impairment and you did previously evince malice and ill- will towards him.

Wright, who initially went on the run after the incident, eventually handed himself in to the police at Livingston four days later, when he was arrested.

Wright and his son got into the altercation over the party which had been held prior to the 2013 Winchburgh Gala Day.

The dispute spilled over to Wright’s home when the argument ended up on the roadway outside.

Wright ran from the property brandishing a knife and as he lashed out he caught Mathew Jnr on the left arm, slashing a 10cm long, 7cm deep gash, which required 24 stitches.

The trial had been set for June 16 however Wright accepted a plea bargain from the Crown and pleaded guilty to a reduced charge.

Mathew Junior said: “This was something over nothing. It’s a plot for goodness sake, somewhere to grow veg.

“I have no idea why he got so worked up over something as trivial.

“I’ll never forgive him for what he put me through. I’d have loved to been able to tell my side of the story in court but never got that opportunity after he pleaded guilty.

“He’s a bully and a coward and maybe, just maybe, he’ll learn a lesson from this sentence but I’m not holding my breath!”

Wright admitted further charges at Livingston Sheriff court on Wednesday this week by breaching bail when he contacted a witness in a case and resisting arrest by struggling violently with police officers.

Wright also admitted resetting two stolen trailers at Craigton House in Winchburgh, West Lothian, between December 15, 2012, and February 2 last year.