Inspector gets ready to tackle priorities identified by public

Inspector Chris Stewart
Inspector Chris Stewart

New crime-busting plans fo 2015 have recently been published on the Police Scotland website.

And, said Inspector Chris Stewart, these policing plans outline the priorities identified by communities across Scotland.

He said: ‘‘The plans also inform local communities of the actions we have and will take to address these priorities.

‘‘This is the second year in which Police Scotland has undertaken a public con-sultation survey, providing our diverse communities the chance to influence the 
setting of both national and 
local policing priorities.

‘‘Locally, for the Bo’ness area, the plan sets out four priorities - violent crime and anti-social behaviour, road safety, dishonesty crime and drug dealing.

‘‘These are the priorities that the local community in Bo’nessand& Blackness told us were of greatest concern to them.

‘‘In terms of violent crimeand anti-social behaviour, we will continue to disrupt and deter this type of behaviour by ensuring that local resources are deployed at the right
locations and at the right times within Bo’ness.

‘‘A key focus will be working closely with the licensing trade and related partners as alcohol is a key contributory factor.

‘‘We are committed to 
ensuring that we keep people safe on our local road network.

‘‘Reducing the number of 
people injured or killed on them is a priority for me.

‘‘Locally, we will adopt both an educational and an enforcement approach, targeting those offences which we know contribute most, and the roads which are of greatest concern.

‘‘Dishonesty crime can 
include a variety of offences, one of the most serious of which is housebreakings which understandably 
causes significant concern in the community.

‘‘We aim to reduce this type of crime in Bo’ness and Blackness and will work closely with neighbouring divisions to do so.

‘‘We will also provide the community with advice to help prevent this type of crime.

‘‘In terms of drug dealing, we will take a pro-active and robust approach in an effort to remove drugs from the streets. In addition to enforcement we will also work with partners to provide appropriate support to those who want such help.

‘‘Over the coming months, my intention is to provide more detailed information on each of the four priorities, 
informing the community of our actions and how we are working with partners to 
address these priorities. ‘‘

The plan can be viewed 
on the Police Scotland intra-
net at www.scotland.police.