Kidnap victim held in car boot

A man was forced into the boot of a car and driven around for more than two hours, Livingston Sheriff Court was told this week.

David Mullin (27), of Philipstoun, robbed and beat Steve Lannen before imprisoning him in the boot of his Volkswagen Passat.

Mullin then drove around for more than two hours running errands and dropping his friends off. None of them were aware that Mr Lannen was in the boot. Mullin stole £15 in cash along with Mr Lannen’s mobile phone, preventing him calling for help.

After the two-hour joyride, Mullin dumped Mr Lannen in the woods near Dalmeny. where he stumbled around in the dark, bleeding, until he finally wandered into the village of Kirkliston, where he sought assistance.

The police were called and Mullin was traced and arrested, and charged with abduction and robbery.

Fiscal depute Brian Robertson told the court Mr Lannen had been abducted on June 8 last year and detained against his will.

Sheriff Douglas Kinloch adjourned the case until June 12 and continued bail.

He told Mullin: “I can’t deal with this case today because I consider it appropriate to obtain background reports before sentence is passed.”