Linlithgow family in hiding abroad

Trevor Taylor, son Scott Taylor and mum Jill West Taylor
Trevor Taylor, son Scott Taylor and mum Jill West Taylor

A former Linlithgow businessman and his family who moved to Portugal are believed to be in hiding after an alleged incident at their home in the sun.

Trevor Taylor, along with his wife Jill, moved to the Algarve several years ago.

Previously, they had run an amusement arcade in the town’s Victoria Halls.

However, along with their son Scott (31), the couple have found themselves in the headlines after an intruder in their home

It has been reported that Mr Taylor (60) and his son restrained the man when he was found in their villa almost two weeks ago, while Mrs Taylor (59) called the police.

Paulo Brito (35), who was named as the alleged raider, was said to have died shortly after police arrived.

The cause of death has not yet been revealed.

However, it is reported that the couple and their son have gone into hiding amid fears there could be some sort of reprisal attack.

Police in Portugal are still investigating the case and, although the family is understood to have been questioned, no-one was arrested.

The Taylors are members of a well-known show family who have run fairground attractions for years.

Mr Taylor’s brother, Winstan Taylor, from Glasgow, has been quoted as saying: “Trevor is not the sort of guy who will be pushed around but he is not someone you would think would be excessively violent either.

“It’s hard to imagine this happening to people like them.”

One of their sons, Jay, who works in Kent, said his parents were “fine but in shock”.