Pet viciously attacked by another dog in Bo’ness

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Police are looking for information about a distressing incident in Douglas Park on Sunday after a pet was mauled by another dog - whose owners were seemingly unable to control it.

The dog was set upon by what was believed to be a German Shepherd type dog around 6pm.

A police spokesperson said: “The attacked dog was seriously injured and has subsequently received treatment.

Inquiries are ongoing and officers are liaising with Falkirk’s Councils Dog Warden.”

Reports on Facebook state that the dog who lashed out had a patch of white fur round its collar area - and was being walked by a young couple. The male was of average build and around five foot 11inches in height.

His female companion was round five foot five, had shoulder length reddish brown hair and was wearing a distinctive yellow rain jacket.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact police on 101.