Security first for historic rail station

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A number of incidents of theft, vandalism and break-ins have forced the Scottish Railway Preservation Society (SRPS) station in Bo’ness to up its security.

The SRPS has installed alarms on buildings, externally monitored CCTV and employed the services of security patrols across the whole site in a bid to make it as safe and secure as possible.

An SRPS spokesperson said: “A fence has been erected around the site perimeter. The society is aware Bo’ness residents regularly use the car parks as a short cut to walk from the east end of the town towards the shops. There is no intention to inconvenience people any more than necessary and a gate has been provided at the east of the site to allow this to continue.

“It should be noted this is not, and never has been a right of way and neither is it a public car park. The pedestrian and vehicular gates at both east and west ends of the site will be locked outwith working hours.”