Smashing spree after drunk woke at party

Lee Martin, fined �1,000 for threatening and abusive behaviour
Lee Martin, fined �1,000 for threatening and abusive behaviour
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A violent ex-convict had a “smashing time” at a party when he turned nasty after waking up from a drunken slumber.

Lee Martin (22) damaged glass tables and shattered a bottle by throwing it during an alcohol-fuelled rampage.

Martin, of 75 Muirepark Court, Bo’ness, appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, having pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner at a house in Brightons on August 2.

Procurator fiscal depute Graham McLachlan said: “He arrived at the house drunk and continued to drink. He said he was not happy with things his partner had been doing on Facebook then lashed out, kicking and smashing two glass tables.

“He then threatened to kill another woman, throwing a bottle which smashed against the living room wall.”

The court heard Martin, who has a 13-month-old child with his partner, had been in prison in the past.

Defence solicitor William McIntyre said: “It was after an 18th birthday party and he was awoken from a drunken sleep. He does not remember throwing the bottle.”

Learning Martin’s partner wanted a reconciliation, Sheriff William Gallacher said she was viewing things through “rose-tinted spectacles” given his history.

Sheriff Gallacher told Martin: “You are someone who resorts to violence very easily when you have had too much to drink.”

Martin was fined £1000 and warned he faced jail if he committed a similar offence.