Threatened to blow up station

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A shopkeeper who claimed he was a terrorist and member of ISIS and said he was going to blow up a police station has been admonished by a sheriff.

Ashen Zafar made his threat after being arrested in his girlfriend’s flat at Hillside Grove, Bo’ness, and taken to Falkirk Police Station last December.

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard the girlfriend had called police after the 46-year-old got drunk and refused to leave.

In the station he continued to shout and swear and was placed in a cell.

Prosecutor Ann Orr told the court Zafar was spoken to once he had sobered up and when his behaviour in shouting the terrorist threats was put to him he said: “I don’t recall that at all” - and apologised to police for what he had done.

Zafar, of Budhill Avenue, Shettleston, pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner at the police station by shouting and swearing, uttering threats of violence and uttering comments about a terrorist organisation on December 19.

He also admitted assaulting his girlfriend, Angela Wallerstein, on December 12.

Defence lawyer Murray Aitken said Zafar was a first offender, respected in the community and “genuinely embarrassed and ashamed” by his behaviour.

Referring to the incident in the police station, Mr Aitken said Zafar had been “heavily intoxicated”.

He said the references to terrorism, ISIS and blowing the police station up had been “drunken, frustrated rambling’ and when he sobered up he apologised to the officers concerned.

Mr Aitken said that though Zafar lived in Glasgow, his shop was “local” to the area where Miss Wallerstein lived and he was well known in the community.

Sheriff Linda Smith had deferred sentence for Zafar to make a donation to the Scottish Police Benevolent Fund, but she was told that after Police Scotland said they could not be seen to favour any particular charity he had donated £500 to the local Marie Curie branch instead.

Sheriff Smith said in light of that Zafar was admonished.