Thug chucked a Buckfast bottle at pub’s glass panel

Livingston Sheriff Court.
Livingston Sheriff Court.

A violent drunken thug terrified staff and customers when he threw a Buckfast bottle through a glass pane in a pub door.

Lee Mullen’s mindless actions left people covered in razor sharp shards of glass as they held the door shut to try and keep him out of Linlithgow’s Crown Arms and a barmaid suffered a cut to her neck.

Before throwing the bottle, Mullen (24), of The Vennel, Linlithgow, had been screaming and shouting at staff after he was told the pub was closed.

Mullen appeared for sentence at Livingston Sheriff Court yesterday (Thursday) having pled guilty to causing a disturbance and recklessly throwing the bottle during the incident on May 2 last year.

Alan Jackson, defending, admitted his client had been jailed for five months for committing an almost identical offence in 2015 and claimed he had “difficulties in coping” because of his alcohol use.

On the night of the offence Mr Jackson said CCTV showed one of the pub customers had been “goading” his client.

He said: “He shouted and threw the bottle out of frustration and as a bad reaction to the situation. He’s a man, by his own admission, who is easily riled. When he gets to a point of conflict he doesn’t back down.”

Sheriff Iain Duguid QC ordered Mullen to complete 180 hours unpaid work and placed him on a restriction of liberty order, meaning he will have to stay in his home between the hours of 7pm and 7am for six months.