VIDEO - This is NOT the way to park a car!

Fair Day beckoned the following day, however all was quiet on the morning of Thursday, June 25 in Bo’ness and everything was going well - until 9.45am that is.

It was then that a small yellow Fiat decided to try a reverse parking manoeuvre at Corbiehall, which being blunt, went disastrously wrong!

Car parking RTC Bo'ness

Car parking RTC Bo'ness

After several failed attempts to park the car, it then suddenly shot back in reverse, mounted the pavement narrowly missing some pedestrians who had exited the property immediately after the incident, and as the car reversed it hit another parked car which in turn was pushed into yet another vehicle,

The driver then drove off without even getting out to check on any damage caused.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the police on 101.