Vile beast wounded partner so no one could have her

Hornall will face trial at the High Court in Livingston
Hornall will face trial at the High Court in Livingston

An abusive bully who treated his ex partner as his “property” deliberately wounded her so she could not have intercourse with other men.

Robert Simpson (43) threw the 55-year-old woman face down onto the floor of her home in Linlithgow and subjected her to a vicious sexual assault.

Appearing for sentence at Livingston Sheriff Court yesterday (Thursday), Simpson repeatedly interrupted Sheriff Susan Craig.

She said Simpson, who pled guilty to the offence, had shown “total disregard” for the woman he claimed to love.

She told him: “The words you spoke to her were: ‘No other man will have you’, clearly demonstrating to me that you were seeking to punish her for what you perceived to be her infidelity.

“She’s not your property and you have no right whatsoever to act in a violent way towards her.”

Simpson again shouted over her saying: “I was simply checking to see if she’d been with another man.”

As a result of Simpson’s disruptive behaviour the sheriff ordered the court to be cleared and eventually sent him down to the cells.

Passing sentence in his absence, Sheriff Craig said: “He deliberately set out to cause injury to her internally, specifically saying he was doing it so she would not be able to enjoy sexual relations with any other man.”

Sheriff Craig revoked community payback orders Simpson was already subject to and imposed a 12-month sentence.

She then sentenced Simpson, a prisoner at HMP Addiewell, to an additional three years and four months in prison for the sexual assault, to be served consecutively to the one-year term.

He was also made subject to three years social work supervision after the end of his prison sentence and had his name added to the sex offenders register for an indefinite period.