Warning over telephone scam

Police warning over telephone scam
Police warning over telephone scam

Police Scotland has issued a warning after receiving a number of complaints in the West Lothian area over fraudsters claiming to be Microsoft engineers.

The scam is believed to be conducted by fraudsters based overseas.

The fraud is conducted by the scammers telephoning a victim at random, advising that they are calling from Microsoft or other reputable computer or software company.

They then tell their target that they have numerous viruses and spyware on their computer system.

The fraudster requests access to the victim’s computer and spends a considerable amount of time on the phone whilst interfering with the computer.

After some time the fraudster requests bank details to make payment for the work they have done. In reality they have not done any work but may have copied files and obtained personal information.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Ultimately the short advice is not to allow unknown individuals access to your computer.

‘‘These fraudsters are very persuasive and we would urge anyone receiving a call to simply put the telephone down.”