Young Bo’ness mum was one of two victims

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A terrifying domestic brute subjected two former partners to months of vile abuse, a court heard.

Kieran Hoskins repeatedly punched and hit one former girlfriend, often grabbing her by the hair and face and spitting on her head and body in disgusting attacks.

He aggressively shouted derogatory insults at Lisa Tym, a young mum, and made her fear for her safety by threatening her and her family with violence and sending her abusive and offensive text messages and voicemails.

Hoskins had already subjected another former girlfriend Jodie Sheasby to similar verbal abuse, repeatedly shouting and swearing at her, making derogatory remarks and uttering violent threats, Livingston Sheriff Court heard.

The 28-year-old first offender pled guilty on indictment on Monday to one charge of assault to injury and two counts of breach of the peace. He had sentence deferred for background reports.

The prosecution accepted his not guilty pleas to exerting controlling behaviour over both females.

The prosecution also claimed that he took Lisa’s house key off her preventing her from leaving home, deleted messages from her social media accounts and examined her mobile phone without her permission.

It was also initially alleged that during his relationship with Lisa he threw and damaged property and poured foodstuffs over her.

In Jodie’s case, the initial charge stated that he induced her to transfer her wages into his bank account, prevented her from contacting her friends on social media and examined her mobile phone without her permission.

Hoskins denied these allegations, as well as claims that he pushed Lisa’s head while she was holding a baby causing her to head butt the infant, and that on one occasion he struck her on the body with a bottle.

He also denied demanding that Jodie “have a medical procedure” and “strangling her” while she slept.

Hoskins, of Murrayburn Park, Edinburgh, pled guilty to committing two offences against Lisa at addresses in Bo’ness and Bathgate, West Lothian, between January 2016 and October 2017.

He also admitted behaving offensively towards his earlier partner Jodie at an address in Robertson Avenue, Edinburgh, between October and December 2010.

Kirsty Lyons, prosecuting, moved for sentence and revealed that Hoskins had no previous convictions. She said she would prepare an agreed written narrative of the offences for when the accused returned to court for sentencing on 29 March.

Sheriff Douglas Kinloch commented: “Quite a number of allegations which were previously in the charge have been removed, nevertheless the charges have been brought on indictment and the behaviour on charges one and two is relatively recent so I would have thought this will need reports.”

Alan Jackson, defending, stressed that Hoskins had no criminal record and no matters outstanding.

He urged the court to continue the Crown’s motion for a non-harassment order.

Turning to Hoskins, Sheriff Kinloch told him: “You’re charged with behaving in a similar manner towards two different people, both described as former partners.

“For example, you’re charged with shouting and swearing and making derogatory remarks towards them and you’re also charged with assaulting one of these former partners by repeatedly punching and hitting her on the head and body and doing other things.

“You’ve pled guilty to these charges so these weren’t only single actions and the assaults as I understand it weren’t all single actions.

“While I don’t know the details of the circumstances which led to these charges, it’s obvious to me that background reports will be necessary before sentence is passed.

“I’m going to continue the case for a pre-sentence report so you’ll need to come back before the court.”

He added: “The Crown have asked for a non harassment order to be made against you. Whether that will be done or not will be decided when sentence is passed.”