Crossing is steadily bridging the gap

The Queensferry Crossing's towers rise from the  Forth
The Queensferry Crossing's towers rise from the Forth

Progress on the new Queensferry Crossing is on schedule and gathering pace.

Motorists this week will have noticed the eastbound section of the new Queensferry Gyratory at Echline Corner opened to traffic for the first time.

There is still plenty of work to be carried out on the roundabout, which will eventually allow access onto and off the M90 and the new crossing. And a new access for motorists from Bo’ness Road at Echline should be created within days.

Construction work continues on the B800, Queensferry to Kirkliston Road, with the new road bridge now in place and works to re-align the carriageways.

Probably the most noticeable works undertaken so far involve the bridge’s three main towers and the installation of the road decks.

Standing tall in the Forth, all three towers are now over 60 metres (200 feet) above sea level. And clearly visible from the structures are the temporary steel supports and the first of many road deck segments edging out horizontally from the towers.

David Climie, Transport Scotland project director, said: “The upward progression of the towers has gone extremely well and it is exciting to see the beginnings of horizontal activity as well.”

The next Public Information Session at the Contact and Education Centre at Ferrymuir Gait will be held at 3pm and 7pm on January 27 and 28.