Cycleway to Beecraigs is hazard-free

Families can now enjoy the cycleway to Beecraigs
Families can now enjoy the cycleway to Beecraigs

The sound of rubber on tarmac has never been more evident than on the latest cycle path from Linlithgow to Beecraigs.

It allows safe travel between Linlithgow and Beecraigs Country Park.

Previously, cyclists heading to the park found the path impractical for cycling and would either follow the main road, which was not only intimidating but unsafe to many in the uphill direction, or decide it was more prudent to go by car, defeating the object of the exercise.

Cyclists now have a traffic-free path or track suitable for cycling for the whole of the 1630m distance from the end of the built-up area in Linlithgow to the top of the minor road which leads down to Beecraigs Restaurant and Visitor Centre.

Of this, 990m has been newly surfaced or newly built.

The gradient is comfortable for most of the way and the hazards which littered the old track – an assortment of gates, stiles, and fences cyclists formerly encountered – have been completely removed.

Cyclists using the new path can now traverse the entire route without dismounting from their bikes more than once.

Alan Brown, of Transition Linlithgow, said: “Our consultant’s report on Sustainable Travel in Linlithgow highlighted the need for many improvements to infrastructure so the upgraded Beecraigs connection is a welcome addition.

“Walking and cycling is not only good for our health but it costs nothing and can only be beneficial to the environment.

“Next time you take a trip to Beecraigs, why not walk and leave the car at home?”