Cyclist finds heroic helper

Eilidh (right) met up with Donna this week
Eilidh (right) met up with Donna this week

A cyclist has been reunited with the student nurse who came to her aid after a horrific crash.

Last week the Journal and Gazette reported the plea of Eilidh McCall who was trying to find the mysterious helper who rushed to her side after she hurt herself at Beecraigs Country Park.

While on the cycle track Eilidh came off a corner with too much speed and panicked.

She said: “I slammed on the brakes which catapulted me over the handlebars, head first into a tree and sent me flying across the ground.”

While lying badly injured a woman came to her aid and helped keep Eilidh calm until the ambulance arrived.

That woman turned out to be student nurse Donna Gardner.

Donna (27), of Armdale, was walking round the park with her family when she saw Eilidh’s accident.

She said: “I saw her hit the ground and heard her scream so I rushed over to her side.

“I could see she was lying in a bad way and was bleeding from her wrist so I wrapped my scarf around it.”

Donna spent two years at Napier University studying to become a nurse and has had six years experience in hospitals, including St John’s, where she dealt with a lot of different ailments, including head injuries.

She said: “From my training I knew what to do. 
“I checked her pupils and made sure she stayed awake as it was clear to see she had suffered trauma to her head.

“I think her boyfriend was in a bit of a shock so I tried to be as calm as possible until the ambulance crew arrived.”

Once the emergency services arrived, Donna left the scene knowing Eilidh was in safe hands.

It was not until a few days later that Donna discovered Eilidh was searching for her to thank her for her help.

She said: “My friend and I were in Edinburgh and I began telling her about what had happened.

“She stopped me saying it was online and that Eilidh was looking to thank me.”

After a quick message through social media, the pair met up in Falkirk this week to chat about what happened.

Eilidh said: “It was just great to be able to meet Donna in person to thank her for her help and give her back her scarf.”

The crash had left Eilidh with no memory of her weekend and while in hospital she was told by her doctor that her helmet helped save her life.

She said: “It was the best £25 I have ever spent.”