David's at heart of the return of Blake's 7

IT might be the future birthplace of Star Trek's chief engineer Scotty.

But Linlithgow is staking a claim to another piece of the intergalactic fame map thanks to cult science fiction drama Blake's 7 Graphic designer David Carey, who lives in Linlithgow, has been hailed as being at the forefront of renewed interest in the show, which could be about to hit our TV screens again.

The sci-fi adventures were aired by the BBC from 1978 to 1981. But in April, Sky revealed it had commissioned two 60- minute scripts for a potential series, working with Blake's 7 Productions.

And the characters have been picking up a host of new fans thanks to a series of audio adventures which are hitting the market.

David works as marketing manager and graphic designer for a global software company in Edinburgh commissioned by Blake's 7 Productions and responsible for much of the work on the audio adventures.

Responsible for developing the branding, online marketing and software for his company, David met some of the team working on the revival.

He said: "Blake's 7 had been a passion of mine when I was younger and it has been great fun getting involved."

David has been working on the branding for the last couple of years. In consultation with the scriptwriters, the producer and all those involved in the story, David has designed illustrations and graphics for the show.

He is currently working on series two of the adventures due to come out in 2009.

He said: "My kids love Dr Who. People have been looking for a rival to that show for some time. This is a follow through from the Blakes 7 adventures that have gone before, and there has been a very good reaction from fans to the new developments."

Describing his designs, David said: "It is an art nouveau, dark Blake's 7. I try to come up with a good concept and be original."

Andrew Mark Sewell, executive producer for the show, said: "David's striking designs for the Blake's 7 audio adventures have been instrumental in re-introducing this cult classic back into the public consciousness. For my money David is the design equivalent of a rocket scientist!"