Deacons select latest man to take the chain

Deacons' Court new Provost Jim Carlin and Jnr Baillie Derek Green.
Deacons' Court new Provost Jim Carlin and Jnr Baillie Derek Green.

When Jim Carlin joined the Linlithgow Deacons’ Court in 2003, little did he think that some 11 years later he would be installed as the new Provost.

Jim (59), had formerly held the post of Senior Bailie and taken charge of various posts within the distinguished organisation including finance and administration convener.

Jim moved to Linlithgow in 1980 and now lives in Clarendon Road with wife Vicki, a nursery school teacher and son, Ross (16), a pupil at Linlithgow Academy.

Jim is employed as a solicitor and works as a consultant with the firm of Sneddon Morrison in Whitburn.

Best known in the town for his football refereeing exploits Jim intends to leave controversy behind him as he and the Court members start to plan for his first Marches Day as Provost which, in line with the age-old tradition, will be the first Tuesday after the second Thursday, June 16, 2015.

Derek Green (57) who also joined the Deacons Court in 2003 was elected as the new Junior Bailie.

Son of Black Bitch, Jack Green, Derek lives in Linlithgow Bridge with wife, Ann. The couple have three grown up children, Ryan, Kelly and Ross.

Derek has in recent years served the Court as Procession Convener and is now looking forward to his new roll.

Jim spoke to the Gazette saying: “Thanks are due to Past Provost Jack Adair and his wife Christine for their three year tour of duty. Christine provided constant support for Jack who left his own distinct imprint not least by famously hosting a Meeting of the Court in the Scottish Parliament.

“The annual Riding of the Marches belongs the townsfolk and we in the Court are simply charged with its safe custody. There are plans afoot for the spring to ensure that every household in the town receives an updated summary of how the Court is made up, what we do and when we do it.”